Hi Gigi! I wanted to ask you a question about colors! I have a problem with choosing colors when there is drastic lighting, whether its really bright light or if the characters are in a really dark, dimly lit place. I’m not sure how to choose the colors that fit the characters (that make them look like they’re themselves, and not different. I hope that makes sense!) So, how do you choose your colors when doing that sort of lighting in your comics?
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I hope this is a little bit helpful!

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This is the third series of a really good resource book, I would encourage everyone to buy and keep supporting this company.

I’m unsure where to find it exactly besides Kinokuniya but has it.

Halcyon Realms has a " How to buy from Japan Amazon" tutorial here. I usually just order a bunch of books through Kinokuniya since it’s at a slight cheaper shipping price. 

I also did previews for the other two books.

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W-why… have I never thought of doing this before…


i’ve actually thought of this before!

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: Friday Freebies: Collection of free fonts - lV ›



Stela Ut Typeface by Wete - Download


Sequi Typeface by João Andrade - Download


Vetka Typeface by Ruslan Khasanov - Download


Muchacho Typeface by Jeff Schreiber - Download


ALEO Typeface by Allesio Laiso - Download


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digital painting tutorial ›

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Free Hi-Res Old Book Textures (For both personal and commercial projects!)

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Fantastico!: Art References Tumblr Accounts! ›


Some of these may be in the wrong category. Some may need to be in another category! Do tell me (either through my ask box or reply) if I need to change or add something! Have fun looking through these accounts!


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just draw (by Lamar Abrams)

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ok. i have limited narrating skills (NOT A NATIVE SPEAKER HURR), drawing noses isn’t really a conscious effort on my part (i just draw them ok), and noses aren’t exactly my forte, so this will be pretty much a basic step-by-step on how to paint a simple nose with a level, 3/4 pov. 

1. start with a… what is that. a triangle? yeah a triangle. a half 3d triangle. prism. whatevs.

2. add a half-sphere to the side of the thingy. that will be one of the nostrils. from this particular angle, only one will be visible. 

3. refine. erase the blocky sketch and start smoothing the lines. if you’re only making lineart, you’re pretty much done!

4. add tone and shade. refine.

5. add highlight. i’m using top light for this example so the parts that will reflect the most light are the bridge, the ball, and the top part of the nostrils. 

6. the bridge is a bit flat so light will get dispersed. the ball of the nose is well, kind of ball-shaped so the highlight would be rounded and quite prominent. there’s also this dip on both sides of the nose where the nostrils meet the ball of the nose; a little light gets reflected there too. refine accordingly until satisfied. congratulations; you’ve just drawn a nose. eat some pudding and call it a day. 

noses are very varied in shape so this is only an example for a very, very basic nose. i would suggest observing people you see on the street/wherever; they’re a great anatomy resource for artist and people-watching is a great way to pass time while waiting for the bus/whatever means of transportation you’re taking. or if you’re too shy to stare at people, stare at your reflection on the mirror. touch your nose to figure out how it works; where the dips and the rises are. really get to know the nose. it’s your best friend. it keeps you fucking alive; show it some love and a little respect.

hope that helps! 

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